For men ONLY.

Now, I know a lady or two will sneak in and look at this blog post, but seriously, I am writing to men.  REAL men.

Because, this is about manhood.

Specifically, little men, boys.

So, as a man, if you decided to make a boy, a son, what would the mother of your son be like.

This is a description of the ideal woman, and the not so ideal for your son.

On a simple scale, 0 or 1, answer the following questions.  0 is for no and 1 is for yes.  You are looking for a mother of your son.

You want your son to grow up and be a real man and live the dream life you wanted when you were growing up.

A football star and a leader of men.  So, you pick up the international catalog of women and look for a potential mother of your son.  To ignore beauty issues, you have already put in the categories for what you consider ‘beauty’ to be.  And then you answer the following 7 questions.

So, 1 is yes, 0 is no.

Would you want the mother of your son:

1.  To be free from drugs or a drug addict? 1 – free, 0 – addicted;

2.  To not abuse children when she baby sits them, or to abuse children and be fired from a day school? 1 – no child abuse, 0 – abuses children;

3.  To keep her house mostly clean, or to keep her house filthy? 1 – clean, 0 – dirty;

4.  To work when the family needs her to work?  Or, refuses to work, and wants to live on welfare?   1 – a worker, 0 – lazy;

5.  A woman who loves men, you are having a son.  Or, a woman who believes men owe women, men are bad, a feminist?   1 – loves men, 0 – doesn’t love men;

6.   A woman who would like you to be in her (your) son’s life (family), or a woman who refuses for you to ever see your son?  1 – family, 0 – no family;

7.  A woman who makes you feel good about being a man?  A woman who makes you feel bad for being a man?


Raising up our next generation of little men, what would you choose for a woman to mother those little men?

Does your number look closer to 7 or to zero?  A winning score or a losing score?  Since this is my blog, may I assign who wins and loses?  At least a little bit?

If a 7 is what we are looking for.  And I think you would agree, we could add a bunch of items to the list.  Why does hollywood portray women more like a zero than a 7?

Why do they want our young men to be raised by women we would not choose, if we had that opportunity?

I ask, because, they are raising the next generation of women and girls to be anti-men, blame men, and truthfully hate men.

Why should we expect our sons to become great men, when we settle for women who do not want their sons to become great men?

Do I make sense, or not?



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