Sexual assaults in America are out of control.


As I have reported before, sexual assaults are out of control in America. 1 in 3 college women and military women, and 1 in 7 men.

This report is sad, very sad.

I pray we can turn this around.

When I go to Ukraine I can see the difference immediately, women who are not victimized at such high numbers do not fear men. They do not fell a ‘need to associate’ with angry feminism.

Then I come home.

And it hurts me to see the anger in America. Why are we allowing such brutality in our country? Did this brutality grow out of angry feminism and progressive ideologies?


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2 Responses to Sexual assaults in America are out of control.

  1. J. Alucard says:

    Sexual assault in America is blown out of proportion and the data shows this. What people always say is that “things aren’t reported”. Well, if that is the case, I want to say that 7 out of 8 women are actually aliens from mars —- they just don’t report it. The reality is rapes have gone down and the “epidemic” of rapes on college campuses have directly coincided with the rise of female alcoholism on college campuses. Long story short — there is a lot of drunk sex going on. Drunk sex is not rape. But of course in America, the man is always guilty so again, reality does not matter their either.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      But, I think we will agree to disagree. I see symptoms in our society that crime against our women has gone up. And that agrees with the studies I have read.

      I still appreciate your comment,


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