Are we really Martians?


This theme keeps coming up in ‘Science,’ because abiogenesis is really difficult for Science to prove. So, the move the life from nothing from Earth to Mars. OK, I get that, but how would life get from Mars to Earth?

Oh the little questions Scientists never want to think about.

BBC News Article.

And the atheists tell me the Genesis story is a ‘Myth?’ OK. Maybe Genesis is difficult to believe, but if you can believe life started on Mars, caught a ride on a volcanic meteor, survived the volcano and Earth re-entry and then started all over again on Earth, why wouldn’t you believe the much easier story of Genesis?

Sorry about my poor word choices tonight. But, too many hours of sleep, sleepiness hitting again, and this bizarre ‘news story’ is killing my poor brain.

What did you do too much of today?


Abiogenesis is life from non-life.  And that is how Evolution (& Genesis) describe life beginning.  Moving the start to Mars, so they can get around the problems of life from non-life is a cute trick, but only a trick.


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