Should I support President Obama’s next war?


Have you noticed all of the progressive war mongers around?  Weren’t they just demonizing a President for going to war against Saddam Hussein over WMD?  Chemical weapons and precursors?

Didn’t they hate on patriots for standing up to the enemy?

Should we support their president?

And that will be a difficult answer.  Because it depends upon what your definition of ‘is,’ ‘is.’  To quote that other infamous progressive, who also thought lobbing missiles was not a war.

Is this a war, or is it not a war?

So, I hope I can keep your imagination without abusing your intelligence.  As I work through those three separate issues.

Is this a war?  Is it a war worth fighting?  And should I support President Obama as he goes to war.

Over the next couple of days, I will look at those questions from different angles, points of view.

Thank you for reading and following.



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