Teacher: a Letter to My Union Leader

The perils of teaching, unions, and of course, politics.

One of the biggest problems facing teachers is the politics of the work place environment. Teaching attracts many people who just want a job for life, job security. Unfortunately, too many people with that mindset “do not play well with others.” They play politics, they promote their favorites, and sometimes good people lose.

How do we address this? How do we provide good teachers the opportunity to move forward in their careers, and encourage the bad teachers to move out?

First, pay does not affect morale. Otherwise, the US Army would have much worse moral, and they do not have a minimum Bachelor’s Degree. Sometimes, judges give criminals the choice of “Join the Army or go to Jail.”

Instead good morale is built by trust, teamwork, and integrity during difficult situations.

Schools have the difficult situation. How do we encourage school leaders to build the integrity and teamwork they need to overcome the terrible morale?


Diane Ravitch's blog

Randi, Dennis, I have a B.S. in Biology from UCLA and have
a M.S. from Texas A&M University. I decided to go into
public school teaching to share my love of science with children .
However, ever since I entered the public schhols in NYS, I have
been placed in the most economically challenged school districts
(South Bronx and now Newburgh NY). My evaluations based upon
observations have been, so far, glowing over the fifteen years I
have been teaching Chemistry and Living Environment, but my
students performance is dismal (especially in Chemistry) because
they either simply don’t care or they were placed in a course that
was above their academic ability. I also feel that my
administrators are giving me the most behaviorally difficult and
academically challenged students and with the new evaluation taking
effect, my tenure will be threatened. At the same time, my district
is giving the…

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