Questioning The Complexity Of Intellectual Superiority


I really do not know how to respond to this blog.

Should I say, “I am smarter?” That would be vain and not address the issues asked.

I could just laugh and enjoy the thought, which is part of what I did.

But, I can also agree, we all struggle with our identity. Especially when we see so many people around us who behave in such a stupid manner, it makes us think we are the only intelligent ones.


Well, I think, we notice the ignorant, and forget about all the smart people who are not ignorant. Like driving, we only notice the bad drivers, and we do not notice the good drivers.

What say you?


Wegh Kharados

Recently I started studying A Levels at College and the other day in one of my free periods I realised that I personally think of myself as being somewhat smarter than most people my age. Which is strange considering my grades, but then again education isn’t the same as intelligence I suppose.

What I think I’m really trying to get at here is that I’m curious as to whether this is how every person feels, we all have tiny moments of sheer genius, some of us more than others.

I want to know in life we’re all just a tiny but smug because in our heads we know we’re smarter than everyone else, and we would never tell anybody about it for fear of sounding vain, but that thought is still there.

I’d appreciate any feed back you have to give and be honest! If you have that little voice…

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