A Lutheran pastor on faith and the Bible


Here is a wonderful discussion of Faith, the Bible, and our response to God.

Sometimes church people call it the ‘Roman Road.’ But, our brother does an excellent job of breaking down the ‘preachy’ words into normal everyday words.

I pray you enjoy as much as I did.


Churchmouse Campanologist

Luther Rose stained glass 2In an attempt to provide apologetics for a Lutheran reader concerning Christ’s miracles, I began on Friday with an examination of Christ’s nature from Luther’s Small Catechism.

Today’s post addresses the human tendency to complicate faith. The text below features much of the transcript from the September 1, 2013 Lutheran Hour. Mark Eischer is the interviewer (‘Announcer’) and Pastor Gregory Seltz provides informative answers. Emphases mine below, outside of the first line.

LUTHERAN HOUR MAILBOX (Questions & Answers) for September 1, 2013
Topic: Is Faith Too Complicated?

ANNOUNCER: … Pastor, we talk about faith but sometimes we make it sound too complicated. Shouldn’t faith be more simple?

SELTZ: Wow, I’m glad this question came along, Mark. Honestly, what seems normal to church people or to people who have been Christians for a while, it can look mystifying to people who haven’t been around the church or Christian teaching

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  1. churchmouse says:

    Thanks very much for reblogging! I’m delighted that this is useful to you and your readers.

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