What is war good for?

Do you remember that old song?

Well, it is not good for much, but war is here to stay.

And why is it that the Democrats started Vietnam War (undeclared police action). And now they want to go to war with Syria? Aren’t these the same politicians who voted US into Iraq, and then they spent the next 8 years blaming everyone else for their war?

Who will they blame this time?

OK, the guy is a bad buy. Assad has been on our targeted list for decades. We (US) do not like him. I get that.

But, the ‘friendlies’ in this war eat the hearts of soldiers they assassinate. They assassinate POW’s. And they kidnap women and children.

I am not against a truly limited strike against Assad.

But, a truly limited strike will not accomplish anything. So, why waste that effort. It will take at least 300 billion dollars, and troops on the ground to accomplish anything. My same basic reason why I was against the war in Iraq, before we went in. Then I supported my comrades in arms.

Neither war made or makes sense. Both wars are against the same political party, and we still have an un-civil-war in Iraq. After 10 years there is no peace. Do we want the same result a second time?

I pray we do not.



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2 Responses to What is war good for?

  1. melewis2121 says:

    I think now its about human right. We must show that we are against it or we send a message to all the rogue countries, all the terrorists, and all the dictators out there that they can do what ever we want and spineless America will sit back and debate among themselves for months to do absolutely nothing. This isn’t political, its foreign affairs, republican or democratic they have to act.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      So, let me see if I follow this, we must act against the rogues and the terrorists out there who do whatever they want?

      So, should we kill the terrorists who started this un-Civil-War and are eating people?


      PS: I am American, politicians do not excite me.

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