Be gay or be attacked?


It is amazing that in America today, 1 in 7 college and military men are sexually assaulted and 1 in 3 women are raped (here is the blog I did on that with references to the statistics.)

We were promised that the progressive movement would evolve US into a better gentler country. How many times have we been promised no more wars?

We were programmed to believe that they would fix the male aggression problem, and they would fix the angry men beating up on their wives.

Well, we have moved from 5% of our women being raped to 30%.

We have moved from less than 5% of our men being sexually assaulted to over 15%.

And we moved from less than 10% of our women being abused in their homes to nobody knows how many. I would guess around 20%.

But, now, if you are not gay, or perceived to be gay friendly, you will become the target.

In San Antonio they just passed legislation forcing you to accommodate gays or else. 15% of our men have been victims, but the 2% to 3% of the population gets the protection? Now you must survive the aggressors and then pay the aggressors, or the City will come after you.

And WordPress, and Twitter, and the list goes on.

Freedom of Speech is only being given to those in the ‘in group.’ That in group is for supporting cannibals, for killing babies, and for gays.

I do not ‘fit’ the new progressive America, so my blog has been attacked many times.

OK, I am traditional, and I survived being attacked by gays. Readers, I was lucky, I am not a rape survivor.

I cannot imagine what our women go through now. The sexual violence is everywhere, and if another Democrat gets caught, the city, state, or Federal Government will pay his or her lawyer’s fees.

Why do the aggressors get the protection?

By my best guess, 1 in 100 gays get assaulted by non-gays. About 1 in 5 to 1 in 3 gays get assaulted by other gays.

I know they will say that it is the ‘homophobes.’ But, when 1 in 15 men have been assaulted by gays, are they really homophobes? Or, are they fighting back?

It is time to reverse the direction this evil generation has taken, and turn back to God, his Bible, and to family.

Family gives women true freedom to be a WOMAN. And Family gives men the freedom to be MEN.

I know it is not just me, my top blog is still about why America has turned gay (Why IS everyone turning Gay has been read about 3,000 times). Many people are searching for ‘why,’ and ‘how to fix the problem.’

I am not comfortable living in my home any more. I fear what is happening to US. That is different than fearing life, or the outside, it is a true fear when there is a real and constant threat on the outside ….

Do you think it is safer or more dangerous today than it was 30 years ago?



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21 Responses to Be gay or be attacked?

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  3. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    I credited you directly, your name and link. But in order to comment fully, I put a link in and your wordpress name.

    Fully attributed. Check my blog.

  4. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    Of course I read my own links. And they prove your allegations false.

    Crime is lower than it was 20 years ago, rapes are lower than 20 years ago.

    You are the one spreading hate my friend.

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but your statistics are incorrect.

    And you should “feel” safer than you did 20 years ago, crime is down significantly and rapes down to 1/6th.

    Of course you appeal to the ultimate authority, haha.

    Yet the pope himself says “Who is he to judge”. So who are you?

    We appreciate your taking the time to comment back.

    • Wayne says:

      Why are you spreading lies in the name of progressive hate?

      The data is not judgement, calling the truth ‘hate’ is judgement, so


      The percentage of women being raped is not lower. Reported numbers may be lower, but the actual number of rapes is much greater. Rape is much greater, and the percentage of men being attacked is now greater than the percentage of women raped in the 1980’s was.

      So, instead of judging and condemning the truth, maybe you could join the majority and fight the hate that is the core value of the progressive movement?


      • Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

        I don’t hate you or anyone. I am not a progressive.

        I am a Moderate Californian interested in the truth, not spun statistics to make a false point.

        I kind of pity you though.

        I will go with the FBI Stats on this issue, and provided the source material.

        Have a great day.

      • Wayne says:

        However, you do not go with the FBI material, you only choose to follow the statistics which make you ‘feel good.’

        Truth only makes you feel good when you are willing to stand for the weak, and the oppressed.

      • Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

        If you are interested, I invite you to take this political test. I come out as Libertarian and trending Capitalistic.

        I’d be interested to see your results. I assume you will come out as Capitalistic and trending towards Authoritarian.

      • Wayne says:

        Then they are wrong.

        I am an American, Christian, and Texan.

        Trending towards the same history my ancestors wrote in their own blood, not the change that destroys what God built through them.

        Assume all you want, but you will look to American men like myself when you realize the ‘Huns are at your gates.’

  5. Go Your Own Way says:

    People are individuals and still make their own choices.

    Overall crime is down from 30 years ago.

    Primary source:

    Rape rates are lower by far.

    If I believe your statistics, then straights are way more sexually violent than Homosexuals. You do realize that right?

    But Rape Advocates and psychology knows that rape is about Power, and not sex.

    You might look into your statistics, what conclusions can be drawn from them then DO NOT support your allegations, and how that can be used to show that your conclusion is incorrect.

    Which it is.

    I am not attacking you. I am pointing out that your conclusion is not supported by facts, and is dead wrong.

    Do you welcome constructive criticism on your blog?

    We consider your blogged article to be hateful and to be spreading false information, so we have taken the time to correct it. We will be blogging this on our own blog, just without reblogging you.

    Have a great day.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment, while wrong and hateful, I appreciated your difference of opinion.

      You are good at displacing the truth with conjecture, but your data is wrong.

      When you appeal to an authority, the authority must trump mine and be correct. Yours failed both, just attacking the false data.

      Now to the implication that there are too many women being assaulted …

      As a victim, overcomer, and then survivor, I should have stated this clearly, there are too many women being victimized. The progressive agenda has not produced what it promised. We were promised that empowering women would be better for them.

      More women in the workplace at lower wages has only produced more poverty, and the modern family increased the number of women raped.

      So, you will take my topic, and reblog it without credit, that is new. But, hey, tell people how many people are victims of the modern progressive agenda ….

      My data came from two studies, one was from the US DOD …. Fairly large sample size of about 1,000,000 people.


    • Wayne says:

      Did you even read your own links? They do not dispute the truth at all. They do say some things in a way that can lead to misinterpretation, but you have to misinterpret them on purpose.

      So, what was your purpose? It was not to correct the truth. Your purpose was to spread lies, and that is more hateful than is necessary.

      If I can help one victim become a survivor, I am doing very good.

      Only the truth helps. Untruth confuses those who are already victims and re-injures them.


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