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What did your grandfather teach you?

Friends, What did you learn from your ancestors? Probably not much past your grandparents, but what did they teach you? Was it only about being loved, and spoiled? Or did they teach you about life, work, love, God, government, right … Continue reading

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Can we teach Evolution without prejudice?

Readers, By now you may realize I am not a believer in Evolution, even though I study it. But, can we teach it without prejudice? I am reading another good book on Cosmic Evolution (The Big Bang). The book is … Continue reading

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What is war good for?

Do you remember that old song? Well, it is not good for much, but war is here to stay. And why is it that the Democrats started Vietnam War (undeclared police action). And now they want to go to war … Continue reading

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Be gay or be attacked?

Readers, It is amazing that in America today, 1 in 7 college and military men are sexually assaulted and 1 in 3 women are raped (here is the blog I did on that with references to the statistics.) We were … Continue reading

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