CNN calls Islam inflammatory language.


Sometimes our elite do not realize what they are saying.

Trying to be humorous, CNN hired a comedian to report on Sarah Palin talking about Syria.

The comedian wrote:

“Let Allah sort them out.”
Now, there is a possibility that Palin believes that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews. If she does, is she’s actually saying that we should sit back and revel in watching Muslims slaughter each other? Could that be her barbaric message? Possibly.
But my cynical side tells me that Palin was just trying to use inflammatory language to get attention. [emphasis added]

You can find his ‘joke’ here.

Now it is funny that a comedian would be hired by a news agency, but that is all too common today. It seems every under-utilized comedian thinks they can make better money reporting politics than they can telling jokes, someone hiring these clowns should think about that before hiring them, in the first place.


But, why would saying that we should let this religious war be sorted out by the ‘god’ of that Religion be considered (a) cynical, or (b) a call for people to sit back and revel (glorify) the slaughter?



What are the other options? As I have blogged, we can support the cannibals, or we can support the dictator. Both sides are killing each other, the cannibals are killing more Christians than the dictator is, but only marginally so.

But, what is grossest of all is the manner in which the language, Arabic, and the Religion, Islam, are equated with being inflammatory.

What should I expect, it is now wrong to be ‘white’ in America, so it is not much crazier to call Islam or Arabic inflammatory.

But, I really wish all the crazies would go TO THE WAR. They could stand arm in arm and tell stupid jokes as the nice ‘rebels’ shot them down along with the tens of thousands of unarmed civilians ….

This guy made me like Sarah, a little. I still think she is just another politician sometimes, but maybe this guy will get her to grow on me.

What do you think?



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