Why is Syria bothering me so much?


I have spent a lot of time thinking about the un-Civil-Wars in the Mid-East. But, none have bothered me as much as Syria.

I am starting to understand why.

We are backing the wrong side.

Not the losing side, the side we are backing is losing.

We are backing the wrong side. We are backing the people who started this war, who have murdered people who disagreed with them, people who have claimed to use chemical weapons, who have eaten the hearts out of humans.

Another report about Abu Sakkar.

Cannibalism is weird.

But, now the side we are backing is stepping up their reign of terror in Iraq. The war is simmering around the Mid-East. And if we do the wrong thing, it will become out of control.

Please do NOT misunderstand what I am writing.

Assad is a bad guy. I think he should be removed. Some in his military are bad men. I do not have a problem with them being removed.

Unfortunately, I do not think a democracy would work in Syria, look at Egypt and Libya for examples of democracy in the region.

However, I think it is time for the old government to move on.

Yet, the rebels in this war are EVIL. Not good people.

IF Senator John McCain saw anything as a POW in Vietnam, he saw what evil men can do to other men. The rebels are this kind of men.

They murdered children, women, and other civilians. They staged atrocities and blamed the Assad regime for the atrocities to bring the US into the war. They even staged chemical attacks and blamed the government.

And now, we are seeing their allies step up attacks upon Assad’s religion within Iraq. Getting in between the Shia and Sunni factions in an area wide religious war bothers me.

Not that I think keeping Assad is the only idea, I have a great business plan to bring peace to the area.

I do not think ‘leveling the playing field,’ so the ‘rebels’ can step up their campaign of terror.

Do you?


At about 5:00 the progressive starts to support my thoughts, Global Warming started the Syrian war ….

TOO funny.

Fox News.


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