What morality should war play by?


Whether we are discussing bombing Syria, or Iran, Egypt, Libya, etc., or we are discussing marriage, or corporate greed, what morality should we play by?

I think.

I really do think, morality in America has become twisted by a sense of entitlement, what can I get, has become I deserve.

And in war, what “I, the President can do” has become “That is what I will do.”

Well, in Syria, we are blaming a dictator for doing “what he could do to his people.” Just because we can bomb Syria back to the stone age does not mean that bombing them is the right course of action.

How do we adjust our morality so our morality is just for others and for ourselves?



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2 Responses to What morality should war play by?

  1. Like you Wayne, and I’m sure millions of others, I’m also struggling to understand what’s going on here. The problems I have with the Syria situation are multiple. For one, I am a pacifist. I don’t believe in the “just war” theory, or even in killing in self-defense. For another, this appears to be a crime, committed on the orders of a person, Bashar al-Assad. That’s not the action of a country’s government taken against our country, which would justify a military action in self-defense.

    If a person commits a crime that you consider unpardonable, you take that as moral justification to either deprive them of their freedom, or execute them. Is anyone considering capturing or killing al-Assad? No. The president wants permission to go break some (not all) of his toys, which will cost him money and make his fight with insurgents more even (we hope), but it will also probably cause the deaths of innocent non-combatants and provoke reactions from his allies that we can’t properly anticipate. How, by any stretch of the imagination, does that punishment fit the crime?

    • Wayne says:


      Great to see you back.

      I agree. I would add that they are not even certain Assad had anything to do with this. And the guys we are helping are busy murdering people.

      Scary times, I am praying this will resolve peacefully.

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