Why do I hate war?


Right now, our government is in trouble.  Our leaders really do not understand war, nor do they understand the purpose of Government – but, that is for a future blog post.

I hate war.

Partially because I do not see God as ‘for war.’  Or, pro war.  I know we often see God portrayed by post-modernists as a vengeful angry ‘god.’  But, the examples in the Old Testament they refer to were about removing people who were cannibals.  They sacrificed their children.

WE, today, would not be for those peoples.  And today, the US government wants to destroy the Assad regime in Syria for fewer offenses than those.

But, we say God is angry and our loving progressive government is not?

That is why I hate war.  It is not about making war for the purpose it was intended, it is about political greed.  We are taking from other governments.

We toppled Egypt, Libya, and now Syria, because we wanted to.  OK.

But, that is not the purpose of war.

War is to protect your people from harm.  The global war on terror is close to being justifiable.  But, it lacks in that other area.

War is supposed to be the last political option to persuade the other side to your side.

The global war on terror is not working that way.  It is just a huge money pit.

NO! It is not that expensive, welfare is.  But, it still sucks more money than we need to spend just because we can borrow the money to spend.  Just like we should not borrow money to waste on welfare.

The purpose of war is to protect the people, the country, from the enemy.  It is to persuade the enemy to stop their bad political agenda.  And to convince them to agree with our side.

Instead, we use war in a totally different way.

We talk about ‘nation building.’  ‘Regime change’ is not a war, but a process.  But, we have changed all of our definitions.

Now war is an economic ‘welfare’ for the invaded country.  “Attack the US and they will rebuild you, and your country will be like Germany and Japan after WW2.”


That is why I hate war.  It has become a political tool for making bigger and more powerful political parties.  And way too many civilians die needlessly for a politicians greed.

What do you hate about war?



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