Rebels say they gassed Damascus by accident


Rebels tell reporters that they were given chemical weapons. And because they did not know how to handle the weapons, they accidentally set them off.

News Report.

So, why is our government so quick to claim the opposite, even though they say they have no firm evidence?

No smoking gun linking Assad to the attacks.

And credible news reports indicate that the rebels claim the chemical weapons provided by Saudi Arabia were the source of the chemical attack.

How do you dis-prove the rebels telling US it was their fault?

As I have already written, if we knew about the coming chemical strike, and we did nothing, we are just as much to blame as the ‘Assad regime.’ The current White House release claims we knew for 3 days ….

What was it Shakespeare wrote? “Out damn spot.”

Once you bloody your hands with guilt, you cannot clean yourself. Jesus can, but you cannot.

So, I think there is a 10% chance Assad did the gas attack, and a 90% chance the rebels did the attack. And I think Obama is using the 10% chance of a crisis to distract America from his failure to trim the budget, fix welfare, provide jobs, repair black families, etc ….

Who do you think did the gassing?


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