John ‘the Baby Killer’ Kerry blames Syria for killing babies

This blog is for my Vietnam War comrades in arms.

Because President Obama hasn’t put Americans to work, paid down the debt, and cannot quit robbing grandmothers, he is using the crisis in Syria to distract Americans from the real problems in America.

So, his attack dog, John Kerry raises his ugly head again. This time Kerry describes the Syrians like he described our honorable soldiers in Vietnam, he calls Syria ‘baby killers.’

Except this time, he may be telling the truth.

You see the first time, in front of Congress, Kerry committed a war crime, and Kerry went un-punished. While millions of Vietnam veterans paid for his hateful speech blaming them for what he had done.

And this time, he says he won’t make the Bush mistakes with false intelligence. CNN Report.

OK, yesterday, it was 400 killed by chemical weapons – some of the claimed victims were not killed by chemical weapons – amazing how a little knowledge can help you filter through the ‘false intelligence,’ and the ‘false narratives.’

Now, today, the number magically went up to 1,400.

OK, Saddam killed millions. Unless your ‘intelligence’ can pull millions of deaths out of your ‘blank’ you will not be doing better, or more intelligent than Bush – Bush, your college buddy.

Isn’t it funny how all of these elite, rich, white people went to the same rich, white, elite, liberal universities and colleges?


I think Assad is a creep. I think he is evil. I would not mind seeing him go.

But, there is a fundamental rule in human behavior, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Matt 7:12 and Luke 6:31.

If we commit more regime change, then what will we say when other people commit regime change in our country?

How do we justify our actions in Libya, Egypt, and now Syria? And yes, there are other countries as well, and there are other countries where we should have done nation building, regime change, and we haven’t – Somalia comes to mind as does Sudan – both regimes killed many more of their people than Assad.

Sudan used chemical weapons to kill their own people.

Where is the ‘line in the sand?’

Where is the liberal outrage?

Or, are the liberals proving they are only outraged when it provides them a crisis they can exploit? “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Alinsky, the great follower of Satan said that, and Rahm Emmanuel quoted him.

First Rahm.

Then Saul Alinsky, Rahm and Obama’s teacher of community activism, and a devoted follower of Satan.

Rules for Radicals.

Another reference.

You might have guessed I do not admire Obama’s teacher. You are right. I do not admire Satan and his followers.

Do you?



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  1. Brittius says:

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    Hanoi John, spinning the bullshit and lies, as usual.

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