Catholic Priests accepted Gay Priests and almost destroyed the Church.

Have you ever noticed how many people want to argue from their answer?

It is called circular reasoning, or a tautology (I can use them 40 dollar words).

Someone decided they wanted the answer to be, “War against Syria at any cost.”

No. this won’t be about the crazy war President Obama wants to start in Syria, rather an example of circular reasoning.

So, we want Assad and his government to cross the line, so we can attack and kill him.

Israel called US, “They are moving chemical weapons and will fire them from this location.”

What did we do?  NOTHING.

The American President, if he cared about the children, would have targeted the launch site and destroyed the possibility of the chemical attack.

The circular reasoning was not about defending children and civilians.  It was not about protecting chemical weapon agreements.

It was about punishment.

He wanted to hurt Assad.

200 years ago, our forefathers could not have thought that way.  They all studied logic in college – they all went to Bible colleges.  They studied Greek (New Testament), math, and logic.

Often the method of study is called the Trivium and the Quadrivium.  We should note, they also studied Religion, the ‘queen of the sciences.’  These made up the classic educational model.

After studying logic, you would not attack your opponent and then seek a reason to be angry.  You would build your case and your response logically and morally (God was always part of their equation).

Since our government had already stated our ‘purpose’ was to stop chemical weapon use (logically and morally) we should have stopped them from being fired.

But, we did not develop our case and our response logically.  We developed our case and our response POLITICALLY.

“The ends justifies the means.”

When the Catholic Church let the Priesthood become Gay, they moved from classical educational model to a post-modern reality.

“The ends justifies the means.”

When the Catholic Church let homosexuals into the Priesthood, they destroyed the Church for at least 4 decades.

The effects will continue to haunt the Church and our society for at least another 4 decades.

We cannot continue to find what we want, and then justify our behavior.  We must build our character in such a way we do not change every day.

We will destroy America and our world in the coming decades if we do not change back to good and logical methods.

Your methods do not have to be my methods.

But, you must become in agreement with the Founding Fathers and the Framers, or America will fail.

Finding what we want and then justifying it is GREED based logic.  Me.  I.

I want your wife, so it is ok to commit adultery.

I want your money, so it is ok to steal it.

I envy your success, so it is ok for me to kill you.

Our government want to destroy another government, so it is ok to look the other way as civilians are killed, so we can justify our actions.

That is not moral.  It is not right.

The homosexuals wanted access to the young men.  And they would promise anything to get that access.

Now to be fair, there are some homosexual priests who followed their vows and abstained from the sexual predation of their fellow priests.

Do we really want to find an answer, and then reverse engineer our argument?  Just so we can have whatever we want?

OK, now I want everything you have.

Is it still ok for me to take from you?


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