Why is Obama bombing Syria?


I cannot go into all the details – one my battery is dying.  And two, that might get me in trouble.

But, Obama is afraid of the statements he has made in the past.  He is being haunted by his claims of being the ‘great’ President of ‘Peace.’

And all around him is war.

War he helped start.  Wars he helped start.  Even as he took the Nobel Peace Prize.  Shortly after he called President Bush evil, he was surrounded by the nightmare he created.

And the more small wars he has started, the bigger the problem has spread.  So, like a California fireman surrounded by the ‘backfires’ he has created, he tries to crawl into his fire protection sleeping bag and wait out the worst of the ‘firestorm.’

But, the firestorm has not died down.  It spread through Libya, Egypt, Syria, Mali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya (his family’s home), and for now, Somalia.

The actual list is longer.

Next?  The fire will spread to Boston – oops, too late.

Do you really want me to do that 5 more times?  OK.  I’ll stop.

But, you are getting the picture.

Nothing is perfect in his little world.  It was supposed to become perfect.  He the great progressive was supposed to take over, and all of the problems would be blamed on Bush, and the Obama Presidency would go down in history as the greatest ever.

I won’t go through a list of negatives, but I will remind you, Blacks have never had this much unemployment in America …. ever.  IMHO.

Can we prevent Obama’s ego from attacking Syria?  Or, are we doomed to live through another ‘peace mistake?’



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