President Obama? Why? Why Syria?

For those of you who do not know, the Nobel Peace Prize winner is about to attack another country, this makes what? A hundred wars?

OK, that was slightly exaggerated, probably no more than 30 wars.

But, seriously? Mr. President? Why Syria? Don’t give me the cover story, that is the same story we used to attack Saddam Hussein.

Saddam – millions of chemical victims. Civilian and military.

Assad – maybe one hundred? During a un-civil-war?

Saddam – millions of war victims.

Assad – maybe one hundred thousand – you have to count the number the ‘nice rebels’ have killed to get anywhere near the number Saddam killed.

BUT, you called Bush ‘evil’ for getting rid of Saddam …. MILLIONS? thousands?

OK, I really do not understand your ‘math?’

What motivates you to murder this man?





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