Dr. King says Syrian War is wrong.

Brothers and sisters,

Is it just me?  Or are so many of the ‘great’ leaders of today abusing Dr. King and his call for peace?

Here we are in 2013, and still our government is threatening to attack other countries?

OK, why would Dr. King say this is wrong?

Because it is not in accordance with God’s Love.

Because we do not know who the ‘friendlies’ are and who the ‘enemies’ are.

Because we cannot contain the war.

Because we cannot afford the war.

And because a lot more civilians will die.

And, yes, we cannot contain the war, because we cannot destroy the biological and chemical weapons in Syria without using Nuclear weapons.

Do we really want Syria spreading Biological and Chemical weapons all over the middle east?  Turkey, Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Lebanon, and yes, Israel?

When they slime the Bosporus trade would die for months.

You tell me they are a threat.  And you expect me to believe they will not use that threat?

Mr. President, listen to Dr. King.

He earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  You should earn one as well.



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