What about Amanda Knox?

Are you confused by Amanda Knox?  What do I call this?  Is it a case, murder, student, victim?

It is one of those things that make you go, what a waste of news time.  Except the life of a young girl is in the balance.

Forget all the sad mistakes she made before her friend and room mate was murdered, she is still just a confused young woman.

And therein lays the ‘gotcha.’

‘Foxy Knoxy’ as the media loved to call her was (is) a beautiful young woman.  Unlike the latest ‘femme fatal,’ Kaitlyn Hunt, Amanda is an attractive woman.

And that gotcha is what the case is really about.

I do not want to see a beautiful woman in distress.  I do not want to see any woman in distress, but when she looks pretty and seems feminine, my heart strings get attached.

But, is (was) Amanda a beautiful young lady?


She was constantly drugged out, she was in love with her latest boyfriend, the latest of a list of ‘boys.’

In the 1950’s, 1830’s, 1990’s we would have used some choice words to describe her and her behavior.

But, now we live in ‘politically correct’ times, so we are ‘wrong’ if we tell the truth.

And that is what bothers me about Amanda.

I do not know if she is guilty or innocent.  Unlike Jodi Arias, Amanda could be innocent.  And some of the evidence in Amanda’s case does seem to point that way.

Jodi Arias is guilty of murder.

Amanda?  I think she was (is) guilty of being a stupid, party girl.  Too much wine, sex, and pot to be smart, she was at the wrong place at the right time.

But, unlike Jodi, Amanda tells the few good girls left in America, that it is ok to be a wild child.

But, both of these women were wrong.  And that is how I must answer, “What about Amanda Knox.”

Amanda was not guilty of murder.  If they had had a wild crazy drug induced orgy, Amanda does not have the fortitude of Jodi Arias to lie her way through the interrogations.  Especially if she was that drugged out.

Murder does not make sense in her case.  But, stupid does.

And that is sad.

The media keeps giving young girls pretty and almost intelligent young women to look at.  ‘Femme Fatals,’ so all the next generation has to use as their moral guides in life are their Barbie dolls and the latest ‘femme fatal.’

And that is the sad part about Amanda.  It would have been so much better had she come home, found the murder in progress and fought to save her friend.

We could overlook her failings, because we would ‘know’ our heroine would grow from her mistakes and become a much better woman.

Do you think that would have been a better ending to the story?



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5 Responses to What about Amanda Knox?

  1. Aimer Shama says:

    Hundreds die in Syria, and nobody panics.
    Ben Affleck is the new batman, and everyone goes “bat” shit insane!

  2. Rida Sharif says:

    Totally love the way you have written this!!

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