Another shooting, you won’t hear much about.

Have you noticed how the media goes crazy about shootings, well, almost most shootings.

They ignore drug shootings, and gang shootings.  They pick shootings that will make gun crime look real bad.

But, a self defense shooting?

You just won’t hear much about these.  San Francisco Chronicle won’t even call it a shooting, the criminal was ‘slain.’

Really?  Slain is a cute word.

But, why is it that all shootings get dumped into the ‘murder’ category, and why do suicides?

Don’t misunderstand, I feel bad for families who suffer loss.  It hurts to lose someone even if they were an escaped criminal.

But, why is there such loud noise about ‘murder’ but not about self defense.  I have blogged before about the numbers, and roughly 60% of gun related deaths are suicide or accidents.  80% of what is left are drug and gang shootings.  And there are a few murders actually left, and a few self defense shootings left.

Sadly our news does not want US informed.  They want US ignorant, so they keep US ignorant.

It is no wonder our culture is in serious trouble.

Don’t you think so?



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11 Responses to Another shooting, you won’t hear much about.

  1. Aimer Shama says:

    Hahaha I like how you say “a cute word”. The media, sadly, is not there to inform. It is currently there to fulfill an agenda.

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