The problem with killing the terrorist Major Nidal Hasan.


I promised you this was coming.

But, I will have to lead up to the big statement.

What deserves the death penalty?  Judges have been cutting that definition back for decades.  But, do the liberal judges really want to see Hasan die?  Or, do they think that is too terrible a punishment for murdering 13?

How about 16?

What is the death penalty for?  It used to be for multiple rapes, multiple murders, kidnappers, even for career criminals.  Then liberal judges decided that was too much.

So, will Hasan get the death penalty?  By the way, Hasan is no longer a Major.  He is now inmate Hasan.

I think he will get the death penalty.  And I believe he earned the penalty.  The problem with killing Nidal Hasan is that we are setting a double standard. One of our ‘own’ went crazy and killed 16 civilians.

Nidal Hasan killed 13, mostly soldiers.

This will be a huge recruitment bonus for the Jihadists, the extremists, and even many ‘moderate’ Muslims. Because we played into their perception of our prejudice. Yes, their perception is tainted by our own African American politics, but it is still their perception of US.

But, beyond the signal it sends, is this justice?  Is it justice to execute a murderous jihadist but to not execute a murderous soldier?

Readers, I see that as a true moral problem.  A moral problem our government should have never allowed to happen.

What do you think?



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