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PressTV: Israel to turn historic mosque into synagogue

Readers? What do you think? Is Jerusalem (al-Quds) being occupied by the Israelis? Or was it already occupied by the Palestinians? Wayne

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The problem with killing the terrorist Major Nidal Hasan.

Readers, I promised you this was coming. But, I will have to lead up to the big statement. What deserves the death penalty?  Judges have been cutting that definition back for decades.  But, do the liberal judges really want to … Continue reading

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They love the Beatles in Russia. A great musical legend they are. What is your favorite Beetles’ song? Wayne Why Evolution Is True This lovely song, clearly a Paul McCartney composition, is on the Beatles’ White Album (1968), which has … Continue reading

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Is Iran buying nuclear weapons from the same people Iraq was?

Readers, This news article is bizarre. BBC reported Iranian agents were trying to buy almost weapons grade uranium from the same source they said Iraq (Saddam Hussein) was buying uranium from. Who were the Iranian agents? The USA. I really … Continue reading

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Any Antoinette Tuffs Left in Philadelphia Schools?

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
The story of Antoinette Tuff is a testament to the courage, the kindness, the decency, and the heart of a young woman who worked as a bookkeeper in an elementary school in Georgia.…

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Fear in the bones and the right to the city, or: The Monster at the End of the Block

Originally posted on Adam Greenfield's Speedbird:
A piece I was commissioned to write earlier this year for the catalogue for Juha van ‘t Zelfde’s exhibition Dread: The Dizziness of Freedom, opening at De Hallen Harlem in the Netherlands on…

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Why is BBC lying about Chemical strikes in Syria?

OK, BBC reported that MSF (Doctors without frontiers) said there are no tests for poisoning. The US Army has had tests since the 1960’s at least. So, why would they lie? I do not know. Ignorance? That is the only … Continue reading

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Major Nidal Hasan will die.

Washington Post Article. Wiki. BUT. I will write about the problem of his death penalty tomorrow. And it is not what you are thinking. You know I think like that. Wayne

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