Is Kaitlyn Hunt’s girlfriend her victim?

Readers and Friends,

How do we define our laws?

How do we decide what is moral?

And how do we apply that to Kailyn Hunt?

For months, the media, and the public relations bandwagon have rolled on about how Kaitlyn is persecuted because she is a Lesbian.

But, now we find she went back after her victim to keep her victim close to her side in the trial. So, who was the pursuer?

Is the 19 year old woman the victim or the aggressor?

Is the 15 year old girl the victim or the perpetrator?

They call the girlfriend, ‘C.S.’

Can I call her Cindy for now? I do not know her, and I do not know her name. But, I think Cindy sounds better than initials.

Why is it we have a ‘pretty face’ of a not attractive young woman plastered on all the news outlets in America, but go to England, and you get to see Kaitlyn is not so attractive.

She doesn’t even look like the same person in Daily Mail’s photo.

Why does it seem that American Media want Kate for their poster girl to stop ‘gay hate?’

Don’t you think they could pick a better poster girl?

Why not chose Kate’s victim, whom we will call ‘Cindy?’



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7 Responses to Is Kaitlyn Hunt’s girlfriend her victim?

  1. amydianne82 says:

    I commented on this but you deleted it I was intending not to be rude but I was slightly insulted by the nature of the case also you have now deleted it but you had something saying that Cindy might now be confused and think she might be lesbian. I was also molested as a child. However I am a big supporter of “Romeo and Juliet” laws teens can’t consent to an adult but they can consensual have sex with other teens. I was molested multiple times once by a girl who was 14 I was 8 the law had little protection for me and she was way out of my age range. I personally believe that sexual orientations don’t matter in rape cases but she would not have been charged if Cindy was a boy. I don’t think she should have been charged becuse she is in the same age range not because she is a lesbian if she was an eighteen years old boy I would feel the same way. However if she was a 20year old woman I would want her in jail. But I do agree our community is taking a disturbing stance on sex offenders

    • Wayne says:

      Amy, I do not think I deleted your post … that is not my method. I do edit for profanity …. could it be you commented on one of the other blogs I wrote about this?

      She was a woman who chose to molest a younger girl. Just like the 14 year old who molested you ….

      I am not a supporter of ‘Romeo and Juliet laws.’ If a child is too immature to make that decision with an adult, how can two children be mature enough to make that decision?

      We have over sexed our society, and it is causing harm to everyone, not just the kids.


    • Wayne says:

      I would like to add, I hope and pray you have healed from your childhood.

      No child should be abused.


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  3. ZACTAK says:

    You bring up a lot of very important questions. I’m a part of the gay community and I think it is a major mistake on our part to be embracing Kaitlyn Hunt. I have been saying this since the story broke a few months ago. I do find it interesting that the UK uses less flattering photos of Kaitlyn Hunt while the American media uses more flattering photos. While I used the mugshots available, I also posted the photos the American media has been using. I guess to convey a more “accepting” message, we have to make her look pretty, eh?

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      I sincerely wish more in the gay community were like you are.

      I was a victim, luckily it was only groping. And I became an overcomer.

      But, there are too many predators who hide in the gay community in plain site. And some in the gay community are too proud of the predators.

      Any ideas how we can help your community change this?


      • ZACTAK says:

        Wayne, I’d love to have a discussion with you about how the gay community can change the way we see things. After you asked me the question about how we can help the gay community change things, I researched your blog a bit. I tried to find a way to privately contact you, but didn’t find a way to. I would love to have a discussion with you about the “gay agenda” and Christianity. You can contact me at zenzeis at [edit to prevent crawlers], or you can contact me by clicking on my name and commenting on my blog if you prefer things to be more public. I’m concerned about censorship and I am absolutely against censorship. I feel if we can develop a dialogue on my blog, or through email we can discuss things without censorship.

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