What should we do about Egypt?


We need to pray, and we need to ask our leaders to be honest.

It is getting old that our media has called the demonstrations peaceful.

I just watched video of policemen being attacked by rock throwing thugs, and then attacked from behind.

It is sad. It is criminal that our media lies to US. It is even worse that our Government lies to US and to the world about this tragedy.

It is an un-Civil-War.

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to ‘cleanse’ Egypt of Christians and moderate Muslims.

Is that what any honest and compassionate person wants?

Do our liberal leaders really want to align US with radicals who murder Christians just for being Christian?

It is always difficult to tell, leaders sometimes lie to cover up what they are discussing in closed door sessions – which I thing is wrong. We should have a transparent government – we voted for one, didn’t we?

In some ways, Egypt is doing better than we are. When their elected government did not do what was promised, they removed the liars from office.

And we complain. Why? Because it is not about right and wrong in America anymore, it is about being in power.

Control and power are tearing America apart.

We need to pray for Egypt. And we need to encourage our leaders to be responsible to the people, We the People.

Can you help get the word out?




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