Kaitlyn Hunt continues to rape a minor girl.


I have blogged on the problem of homosexual rape & homosexual pedophilia.

Now I learn Kaitlyn Hunt is still statutorily raping her minor friend. Even after the judge warned her, and her family, Kaitlyn Hunt and her family continue the sexual assault on the victim. Adults are supposed to know better.

We are programmed by the popular propaganda that this does not happen.

First, as a Christian, it is important to love the person, and to not love their actions.

Some background blogs and links:

My blog on Gay rape in the military.

Gay rape in the military. But, they do not call it gay or homosexual, they call it ‘male.’ When will the progressive feminist with their love of homosexuals QUIT hating on men?

CNN reported that LGBT community has higher domestic partner abuse rates.

Vassar College reported the high rates of homosexual assault on college campuses.

Lesbian cheerleader’s plea deal REVOKED

The Daily Mail’s headline is honest.

Why does American media mislead US?

OK, Kaitlyn is an adult, she was warned by a judge, and I hope her lawyer(s). The kid is 15.

How, after being warned, can she and her parents think she is ‘innocent?’

I know a lot of people think that it is OK for 15 year old girls to date older boys, but it is not OK.

Maybe an 18 year old dating a 30 year old is odd, but not sick. But, an adult dating a 15 year old is wrong, sick, and illegal.

Especially when you have been warned. Before she was in court, Kaitlyn and her parents went on about how this was all a misunderstanding.

Well. They were clearly told how to behave.

This all makes me wonder what kind of house Kaitlyn grew up in?

Are her parents gay?

Are her parents pedophiles? For Kaitlyn to be a true pedophile, the victim would need to be younger ….

Do her parents watch porn with their daughter?


How does an adult get the idea it is ok to date a high school freshman?

If she thought the girl was in college, she could say, “Ooops, I had no idea.” But, Kaitlyn clearly knew her victim was underage.

And what does Kaitlyn do again? Just like she and her parents did earlier this year? She blames the girl.

I am the adult, but you, the victim, are the person I blame for this.

That is what she told her victim, “If my mother finds out,” “I will tell her you did this.” That might be a close quote, but it contains the sentiment of Kaitlyn discussing with the girl the fact that Kaitlyn had given the girl and iPhone so she could secretly contact the girl.

Where is the outrage?

If Kaitlyn was a man assaulting this girl, there would be outrage! Why isn’t Kaitlyn in jail already?

Where are the marchers demanding justice?



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