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Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words

“I am soooo bored, I wish I was watching the America’s Cup! I just want to see Oracle WIN!” 🙂 And here is where she wants to go! Like every red blooded American, it is time to watch Oracle win … Continue reading

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Biden’s son evaluated at Houston hospital

Would you get sick in Illinois, got to a doctor in Philadelphia, just to get admitted to a hospital in Houston? If your father’s boss golfed instead of worked, I guess you might consider jet setting doctor visits to be … Continue reading

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What Obama will not tell you about guns.

OK, President Obama was asked to enforce his anti-gun policy. He wants to take guns away from Americans. So, he was asked to make an area around him a gun free zone. Obama refuses to make a gun free zone. … Continue reading

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School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys

Why is it ok for schools to assault our boys? First, I want to be clear, assaulting any children is wrong. But, why has our government failed our boys? Why have they taught boys for 50 years that it is … Continue reading

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Gay media attacks Russia’s pro-children laws.

Doesn’t that sound like what every one should support? Shouldn’t we support pro-children laws? So, why did CNN write their headline this way? Yelena Isinbayeva defends Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law. So, why did they call it ‘anti?’ Because they are … Continue reading


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