iOS is better, but Android wins?

Does anyone understand why there are so many people ‘reviewing’ Apple iPhones who hate iPhones?

That was a serious question.

So, forgive me for my rant. But, I will give you the review’s link. Then I will rant a little. Then I will point out the best of the article.

Which is winning iOS or Android?

I ask if anyone understands the hate, because I do not understand. When the Galaxies came out and they were described as so much better than iPhone, I got an iPhone so I could travel in Europe and the Former Soviet Union with it. And I purchased an Android for business here.

I am a geek.

I have managed servers, several different Operating Systems, not just Microsoft.

I configured them together that night.

The Galaxy was terribly fast. But, it was terrible to configure. And it was not just me, people would tell me that I had made a mistake buying the iPhone, so I would say, “OK. Send me your contact information, and I will call you so you can help me transition.”

TEN minutes later, they asked if I could write their phone number down.

OK, that was my little rant.

The article kept saying that Android (total sales) were better than iPhone, almost. It was kind of funny after a few attempts. It was almost as if the article was written my a comedian.

The overall article described the iPhone as better based on profitability, actual number of units sold.

Why is it I thought the iPhone had lost market share every month for the last two years? They have bounced back …. and forth several times. And Androids have sold just a few more phones than Apple for the last 2 years. But, that does not account for previous units ….

So, they pointed out, Android is not really leading in sales, just that they are giving Apple strong competition.

Then they pointed out, Apple has the business market hands down. Doesn’t that mean they will get the government units as well? And aren’t they getting education as well?

It does not sound like Androids will see a ‘growth market.’ It sounds like they have reached saturation, and Apple is still growing.

That makes me feel better, I did not want to replace my iPhone 4s this year.

And iPad is blowing the competition away.

OK, their review was good information. And it was not the usual Apple bashing that so many reviews do.

And even though Apple is selling the most high end phones, that does not mean Apple can rest and let Android actually catch up.

That would be a mistake.

What do you think?



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