Big Terrorist strike in Egypt?

Did you read about this in the news? Did you see it on CNN?

Why not?

Why does the title only say protests?

Why? Why is the full blown terror campaign called protests? This is on a scale just below full blown un-Civil-War. 100 soldiers and police have been targeted and assassinated in one week.

Peaceful demonstrations?


I believe there may be some peaceful demonstrations, but 100 soldiers and police murdered in cold blood is not very peaceful.

Do you wonder why the police and soldiers are on edge? If someone was trying to kill you, wouldn’t you be on edge? 100 of their fellow officers have been terrorized for defending the peace.

In all of their counter-terror operations, about 700 terrorists and civilians have been killed.

But, our media describe all of the non-government deaths as civilians.

What has happened to our news media?

Why are they so quick to publish if one of their fellow reporters get killed, but WILL NOT publish about police and soldiers being assassinated?

In one week, Egypt has lost 50% more than the number of journalists killed last year? But, they won’t report about the soldiers and police killed in one week?

But, they have a web site just to spotlite the attacks upon journalists? And I found that site through the media reporting on their perceived problem of journalists being killed.

It is a dangerous job. Most of your reporters are probably not being targeted by other journalists and ‘peace loving’ demonstrators. AKA, terrorists led to their targets by reporters acting as intelligence for the terrorists.

Harsh? Go tell the families grieving the loss of their sons and daughters that I am harsh?

CNN? I dare you!

Tell them that I am harsh when I write you are actively helping terrorists by not being honest when you report the news.

I do not get it.

Now, CNN is not the only network with this problem. The problem is systemic. It is in all the news media to some extent. I have ‘reported’ on that. Al-Jazeera may be more fair and balanced than American (western) news media.

That scares me.

Does that scare you?



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3 Responses to Big Terrorist strike in Egypt?

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I think it’s too late. There was a time when a small group of the common folk could change the course, but not any more. In my opinion, the powers that be have the world locked down and we are along for the ride. I don’t think that’s fatalistic thinking, just reality.

  2. yourothermotherhere says:

    It doesn’t scare me because I’m used to it. The news media is not a tool to report all the news in an unbiased manner. It is a tool that is used to control the thinking of the masses – propaganda. That is why the freedom of information hole that is the internet is rapidly being closed. It just won’t do to have all the facts available to the world’s population!

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