I just wrote about Egypt’s …. un-civil-war


Pray for the Middle East. Didn’t I just write about Egypt?

From what I see we have several groups encouraging violence, and it will probably get much worse.

First, the evil one is encouraging violence, and you see that behind the attacks upon churches. Christians, Egyptian Christians have been peaceful throughout this problem.

Second, the US State Department, and the POTUS (President of the US) have sent confusing signals. Those signals have not helped calm the violence down.

Third, the military has suffered greatly under all of this constant warfare. The military in Egypt is a big business. And economically, they have lost huge amounts of money, because of the unrest. They also want to keep the peace.

Fourth, the peace has been slipping away ever since the Muslim Brotherhood, and other ‘democracy advocates’ were trained in New York City on how to use Facebook and social media to overthrow governments.

It is difficult to maintain peace when groups are actively trying to undermine peace and start a war.

Fifth, The people are mostly split. I don’t know how much they are split, but it seems most people are moderate, and want the Muslim Brotherhood and their violent era to end.

It will take a great leader to bring peace.

Pray the leadership follows God towards peace and not the evil one towards war.


CNN report the news.

Journalists say it is ‘OK’ to kill civilians in Egypt.

Why is Obama starting wars? I wrote this a year ago.


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5 Responses to I just wrote about Egypt’s …. un-civil-war

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  2. Aimer Shama says:

    Thank you for caring about our cause here in Egypt. Your views are respected.
    I invite you to visit me at any time and Get Informed with a clearer first hand picture.

  3. intloutcry says:

    Pray for the great nation of Egypt to become whole again,Unite again,Proud again.
    Thank you.

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