Out of time?

Every time I got back to the US, I am out of time, out of place in time.

An Anachronism.

I am traditional.

American. Texan. A Patriot. Just like my family before me.

A first born son all the way back to the indentured servant fresh off the boat from Scotland after losing against the British. And ready to fight another war against Imperial aggression.

This time, our side won.

But, I am traditional. Family is still important to me. Friends are important, but I like friends who respect and love their family.

Those are harder to find.

I do not like violence, yes, my family history was violent, but we never went looking for those fights. Well, mostly we never went looking for those fights.

But, it is difficult for me when I go home. I no longer feel like America is the America I grew up in.

How about you?

Do you miss kids being able to walk down the street without reports on the news of child abductions?

Do you miss the old American way of life, “women and children in the lifeboats first?”


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