If you are traveling, be careful.

Friends, Fellow travelers, and readers,

al-Qaeda has America scared.


I don’t what it is, but the State Department is running around in circles.

I pray this does not mean they will detain Americans, instead of detaining the terrorists.

Do you wish they would do more to stop the Terrorists?



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2 Responses to If you are traveling, be careful.

  1. Wayne says:

    I hope that doesn’t happen.

    But, you could be right. Right now there are all sorts of crazy things happening. For some reason, ‘Intelligence Analysts’ are scared by something.

    Closing embassies, increased security checks, even Al-Jazeera would not display a news video this morning, “It is banned in your country.”

    News videos are banned in the US?

    Stay safe!


  2. Aimer Shama says:

    They’re trying to protect Al Qaeda so that they can be used to attack their greatest of all enemies: Shia Islam in Iran >>.<<

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