Evolution proved Evolution doesn’t work.

If this is not crazy, what is?

Scientist Report.

“It’s not individuals that have to survive, its genes, and genes just use individual organisms – animals or humans – as vehicles to propagate themselves.”


You and I exist because our genes are manipulating us.

OK, then why has childbirth dropped in all developed countries?

Are these professors geniuses or what?

If the genes are manipulating our behavior so they can multiply, then the advanced countries which can afford many more children than we have prove this theory wrong.

The last 40 years of human experience prove this wrong.

What do you think? Do you exist to serve your genes?



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4 Responses to Evolution proved Evolution doesn’t work.

  1. limey says:

    Once again Wayne, you have misunderstood how Evolution works and biology. Genes do not make decisions for us. The selfish gene is a metaphore, not a literal truth.

    MD Kid is right in his explanation of why devoloped countries’ birth rates have declined. Its humans and their increased scientific understanding that have led to the result, not our genes.

    • Wayne says:

      I guess you did not read the article. The article is claiming the gene is the driver.

      And the author of the selfish gene claims it to be more than a metaphor.


      How are you?

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. MD Kid says:

    Advanced nations have lower infant death rates. You don’t need to have 6 kids with the hope of two surviving. You can take off your condom when you choose, have a kid, and there is a good chance it will survive. you are also educated enough to know when you have too many kids to logically support.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, but that does not follow the ‘survival of the fittest’ model, or the ‘selfish gene’ model.

      If it is all about overpopulating with my gene only, to the detriment of all others, then we should all be driven more to have bigger families, don’t you think?


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