The problem with the FED.


The Federal Reserve, FED, is printing money like there is no tomorrow.

The stock market is doing better, but it is rocky.


Well, stocks go up and come down. When they go up because of recless borrowing by the FED, the market knows it will crash because of the fed.

The FED is printing over 1 trillion dollars a year, and has been under Obama. And they bailed out all of Obama’s rich friends in banking, the same ones who gave him lots of campaign money.

Certainly the most transparent President in history would not pay back his campaign donors? Just so you see it from someone else, here it is. And to get Bush, and even Clinton close to Obama’s numbers, they did not point out that not all of Bush’s and Clinton’s ‘outsiders’ were big campaign contributors.

As the FED continues to bail out the rich and famous connected to Obama, the American Taxpayer is stuck holding the debt.

Over 5 trillion in inflationary printed money, and several trillion more to bail out Unions (auto makers) and bankers on Wall Street.

And Americans get stuck with the debt, that is the problem with the FED.


BTW, this makes the real deficit well over $20 Trillion, closer to 25 Trillion, not the measly 17 trillion they pretend to ignore.


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