Obama asks for more taxes, calls new tax a jobs bill.

What has happened to reason in America?

How can a former professor, and a future, although not soon enough, former President call his genius of an idea a jobs bill?

Six years ago, President Obama promised

No more taxes

No more deficit spending

Single Payer Health Care – Government Medicine.

And limited Gay Agenda


Peace in the Mid East and our soldiers HOME

The only promise he delivered on was for the gay community. Had he told the truth, we would be about 14 trillion (*) lower in debt, we would have lower unemployment, our economy would be doing great, there would be peace in the mid East, and unfortunately, he still would have put gays in the military and pushed gay marriage.


His truth was never change we could believe in was it?


(*) While the official number places Obama’s debt at 8 trillion US, they never mention the additional trillions being ‘printed’ by the FED artificially. At over 1 trillion a year for at least 4 years, that is over 6 trillion by now. Much of that money is double borrowed from Social Security – remember, “Don’t start grandma?”

Obama’s latest tax hike.


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