I hate being SICK!

And unfortunately, I am stuck with being sick.

My back is crazy again, there is nothing more fun than waking up because electricity just ignited your lower back. It has been awhile since I had a full spinal shock at one time – thank you God for the big things in life.

Think how crazy your life is when you consider yourself blessed by smaller incidents of pain and torture rather than by larger amounts of pain and torture?

Seriously. It is wild to be in the middle of deep sleep dreaming in wonderful technicolor and surround sound. Then you ‘feel’ your legs going one way, your arms another way, and your spine trying to twist in circles like a power drill.

Yes. I can really feel the muscles in the spine lock up as they try to twist.

So, when I hurt like this, I think they should break Obama’s back, insert electrodes, shock him for a couple of months, and then he could try to convince me his insane ObamaCare is a good idea.

Yes, I am in massive pain right now. But, I am a victim of Government medicine in practice, the usual name is iatrogenesis. This was not Obama’s fault, but ObamaCare will make many more people hurt like I do.

So, this week my back went nuts. Then the hips, ankles, shoulders, even my elbows and feet. Then my stomach, although I do hope that was what I ate ….

YES! When you back acts up, it affects everything. And every symptom could be because of your back, or something else. Everything …. from the bottom of my hair to the bottom of my feet.

So, why does our government want medicine to injure millions of people a year in the US. I do not know. It is called:


But, for all the good medicine does, it cripples way too many people for me to consider insurance (medicine) the value added proposition we are promised it is.

I have suffered for 20 years. I am now crippled. Maybe medicine improved some of those years, the fusions did stabilize me. But, overall, I would not give medicine a grade better than a ‘D.’

BTW, the weather changed a couple of days ago, that is what initiated this recent episode.

Did you know pain makes your blood pressure go CRAZY? I am hoping that is all my blood pressure problem is. If not, I am on another journey to find a blood pressure medicine …. the last journey took 6 months.

But, the weather changed, and my back went psycho on me.

Do I want millions of other people to suffer like I suffer?

Do I want doctors to suffer like I do?

Do I want politicians to suffer like I suffer?

mmm ….

Can I pick the ones who will suffer? And how much they will suffer? I can think of a few (hundred) politicians who would perform better with their arms broken and twisted behind their backs.

And legs broken and tied into pretzels.

Yes. I am in that much pain.

But, even without the added pain, ObamaCare is a mistake. If you are not dying, you do not need, or want medicine.

I do hope and pray tomorrow is better.

Do you?



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