Since the UN controls US, who controls them?


There is no easy way to say this, Democracy is dying in America and the world.

More and more decisions are made by government employees, and often the two big employers are the US State Department and the UN.

But, as the UN gains more control over the American people, who controls the UN?

When did We the People vote on them?

Now, I am torn by all this.

The world has limited resources, read that leadership, and we have almost unlimited consumption, read that mouths to feed.

The problem is simple, the Elite want you and I to pay to feed the ‘poor.’ Read that as those unwilling or unable to work, and the Elite want us to pay for the Elite as well.

Before you think I buy into all that 1% garbage, remember I believe in the 0.5% reality. Half of the 1% vote in that you and I should pay for them. The other half are busy making money.

I would rather be on the side of those making money than on the side of those taking my money.

How do we take control of the UN?



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