Politics of racism are evil.

I am reading about Eric Holder’s speech on America being a land of cowards.

It was easy for him to say that. But, was he true?

Yes. and no.

The cowards he should have pointed out are the progressives who continue to reshape America into a mess without God.

Racism is evil. But, when you only discuss it without the love and healing of God, then all you talk about are evil alternatives.

Race baiting.

Racial inequality.

Racial profiling.

Racial quotas.

All of those are absent of love, forgiveness, or healing.

Quotas may be one of the lesser sins. But all of a sudden, a professional like LTC (Retired) West (forgive me for using your name) can be accused of just being racially promoted.

That takes away his professional achievements and reduces him to merely the product of ‘black privilege.’

I know his career well enough to know that is not true. Any more than I am the result of ‘white privilege.’

Both of those comments, ‘white’ and ‘black’ privilege are full of racial hatred. Yes, there are privileged people in America. The top 0.5% of the country is full of very rich progressives who are privileged enough to redefine what it means to be an American.

And they do that at the expense of men like myself or LTC West. They abuse the great men, in order to advance their mediocre children. And without the golden spoon those children were born with, they would amount to almost nothing.

That is the result of Socialist progressive ideals. The infamous opiate of the masses is deluding all of us to accept the evils they define, so that we will not object to their evil existence.

They distract us with their cries of social inequality while their children are trust fund babies, with their wealth hidden from the tax man in tax shelters. And they invest in off-shoring ventures, so that the American worker cannot even get a decent paying job.

They took jobs from America and gave to China, so why do you think 25% of our African American brothers and sisters struggle to find jobs?

The elite Progressives gave the jobs to China!

I am not angry at China, they did what was good for their people. They are not the stupid idiot elite in this discussion.

When you take American jobs and give them away there are consequences.

And Americans continue to shoulder the expense of all of these stupid progressive ideas.

Fatherless families?

No wonder they now want gay marriage and gay families, they already destroyed the black family in America, and they have almost destroyed the white family in America. Why not go further and redefine what it means to be a family.

Orwell was right. So, was Huxley.

The politics of racism are evil.

And the politics of smoke and mirrors are also evil.

We need to get back to truth in America.

And the truth is the average black man in America is scared he will lose his job and not be able to work ever again.

NO MORE. Let us restore America to the Americans.

Do you agree?



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