Too many soldiers commit suicide.

Too many of our soldiers commit suicide. And the problem is also among our veterans.

It does not matter how you look at a problem, looking at the problem is always the first step.

Soldier Suicide.

Now, having been a soldier, I can tell you one part of the problem that will almost always be overlooked, soldiers tend to come from broken homes.

Soldiers tend to be looking for ‘home.’ Just like gang members, or criminals, they are looking for what they did not have growing up.


That is the background we will always face.

But, we can do better. We can help more soldiers, and verterans, feel like they have family.


By being their family.

Adopt a soldier.

He or she does not have to be from your background, or race, or religious preference, or THEY CAN BE.

Every soldier we help is one less who can become a victim.

Will you help me? Will you help them?



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