Pres Carter and Judge Napolitano tell President to be American.

Both Pres Carter and Judge Napolitano tell President to be American and quit his undermining Democracy at home.

Liberal Progressive & Constitutional Conservative …. why isn’t our media up in arms over Obama’s attacks upon our Freedom and our Democracy?

President Carter: ‘America no longer has a functioning democracy’.

Judge Napolitano: Obama is above the Law.

I have written about government overreach for years.

Now why aren’t our Media & Politicians leading the people against this current overreach?

Over-spending designed, IMHO, to cripple America into the future.

Terrible regime change policies around the world to destabilize the world into the future.

One world style leadership where any true Democratic voices are shut out.

Continual attacks upon Christians and even American Traditions.

When will it end?

We need to come together.

Are you ready to come together?



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