CNN report the news, not your prejudice.

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of slop. If you will be offended by my getting angry at CNN for their sloppy reporting, then do not read this.


CNN is reporting on the Egyptian violence. Do they call it ‘opinion,’ so they do not have to be honest with the news?

“The pattern that emerges is this: In every instance, police and sometimes army troops have acted in a partisan fashion, using what appears to be largely unwarranted force against mostly unarmed Brotherhood supporters at sit-ins, yet doing little to intervene when opposing camps clash violently.”

OK, CNN let me break down what you wrote.

In every instance police have used force against armed insurgents. You are writing about the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), right?

Since they are Obama’s buddies, the State Department sends them a lot (I really do mean a lot – hundreds of millions) of money to support them.

But, if you or I send a dollar, we go to jail.

Why? The MB are a terrorist organization. Terrorists, insurgents, armed.

So, they have 50 unarmed protestors and 40 heavily armed insurgents.

Why don’t you try riot control for awhile? How many hundreds of thousands of soldiers and police have died in the Middle East and Muslim countries trying to keep the peace? How few reporters have died while reporting on how bad of a job the police are doing?

Maybe they need to kill off a few thousand reporters?

Would you report the news? Or, continue to report rubbish?

If you got this far, I apologize for my angst. But, reading about all of these nice peaceful terrorists has gotten old. It was old the second year under Bush, the first year after the terrorist strike against NYC.

Bad players are bad players for a reason. Report the truth. And let Americans decide their politics.

Why do you have to try to program us into your view of the world?

350 reporters have died, and you still call terrorists peaceful demonstrators?

Well, news flash. tens of thousands of my soldiers have died, and that has an affect upon me. I am tired of my colleagues dying at the hands of so-called peaceful demonstrators.

Terrorists are killing, murdering, and mutilating my friends.

Maybe you do not care about your colleagues who have paid the ultimate price, but I care about mine.



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