Cleveland ‘hero’ Charles Ramsey now broke, jobless and homeless

OK, I really do not know what to make of this article.

Charles Ramsey rescued the three women in Cleveland. And he infamously said something like, “I knew something was wrong when a white girl was so happy to run into my arms.”

Now, they report he is broke after being let go from his job. But, he earned $50,000 in speaking engagements.

The way the article was written, it sounded like the reporter thinks Ramsey is out to get rich or something.

OK, but then the reporter let this slip, Ramsey denied the reward money from the FBI for the rescue. So, if all he was about was the money, I really think he would have taken the money from the FBI.

I would have, wouldn’t you? I mean honestly, if it was all about making money off of the ordeal, why not.

So, at the end of the story, I am not sure what to think? Is he a hero down on his luck? Or, is he trying to milk his being a hero?

What do you think?



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