What does the gay agenda want?

Well, that is a deep question.

I will try to answer for them, but do remember. I am a straight Christian man, who was repeatedly assaulted by different homosexuals when I was a teenager.

I was lucky, I stood firm to ‘no.’

Having written that, I have also watched the agenda move from focusing upon the pedophiles within the movement to being allowed the privilege of re-defining marriage.

And that is a fundamental change in attitude.

I hope that change in attitude reflects a new agenda that repudiates the absolute evil of the previous gay and lesbian agenda, but no one in the agenda is willing to stand firm against the pedophiles and terrorists who defined the movement during the 1950’s into the 1980’s.

I remember when gays called each other and everyone else, ‘queer.’ I remember as they redefined the word ‘gay.’

So, I do not approach the gay agenda as if gays are ‘just misunderstood.’ I know that within their ranks is a small percentage of perverted sexual offenders who would attack any teenager, or college age young adult in the ‘hope’ of ‘seducing’ someone. And there is a larger percentage that looks the other way ….

Having said that, I think what is most overlooked in the gay agenda are their true desires.

I think the greatest desire overlooked is their desire to be accepted.

When one ‘queer’ attacked me in High School, often in front of teachers, and even in the hallway, he enjoyed calling me ‘queer.’ Isn’t it ironic how the agenda has moved from the hateful word, ‘queer’ to the loving word ‘gay?’

I honestly think that is because the greatest need within the gay community is to be accepted. But, not just accepted by the general population, or to force the government to persecute those who do not accept them. Yes, the government is attacking those who do not bow down to the agenda.

And this should scare everyone: the agenda which used to claim they only wanted the government out of the bedroom and nothing more is now supporting the government as it attacks those who do not agree with the new agenda.

As powerful as the attack is upon straight people, and it is easy as a straight man to take that attack personally, I think the greatest single desire for gays is to find self acceptance.

That self acceptance is usually confused with acceptance by others, parents, friends, and even God and His Church.

Those are different things.

You cannot find acceptance from outside until you find acceptance from within.

You cannot change me, so you can gain your self-acceptance.

Changing me to gain your self-acceptance does not make sense, does it?

The secondary part of acceptance is acceptance by others.

I believe most of the gays within the USA are not trying to make everyone accept them. But, in their quest to gain the widest acceptance, they look the other way as their fellow gays force others to accept them.

They looked the other way as pedophiles attacked millions of young children.

They have looked the other way as their fellow gays invaded the Catholic Church as priests and seduced older teenagers and younger men.

The looked the other way when we were all told, “We would never want marriage, that is for men and women.”

But, each of the pieces of the agenda come together for one purpose, and that purpose is to change you and I. They want to change US.

Not for acceptance, but for conquest.

You cannot seduce as many people if they are opposed to your life style. When people oppose your lifestyle, your attempt to seduce is sexual assault in all legal definitions.

Remember, that the desire to seduce is smaller than the need for acceptance.

For most gays.

But, for most gays, they want two main things from the agenda. Gays want acceptance and the ability to seduce other people freely.




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  1. Anonymoud says:

    what the actual [edited]?

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