Obama orders Christians to be attacked.


Whether you are a Christian or not, the outright refusal of our Government to protect the Christian world view from attack is outrageous.

Whether it is our President building mosques around the world, as his friends destroy churches.

Whether it is our State Department importing Muslims while they refuse to import Mexicans, because the Mexicans are usually Christian. Mexico is at least as war torn as any Muslim country, but the State Dept is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims while ignoring the drug war the FBI supported.

But, if all of that is not enough, the ObamaNation has begun to attack our soldiers.

Our soldiers, the ones they once called terrorists? Yes, US.

Now they are attacking Christians who demand their First Amendment Freedom of Religion be upheld.

Bow down to the ObamaNation, or be attacked.

Mike Huckabee Show Audio File

It is scary that Christians cannot be Christian without being attacked.

First, the progressives stole Universities, then they invaded public schools to indoctrinate children against Christians, then the passed laws against Christians, then they passed laws to discriminate for their preferred minorities, then they came out of the closet and declared all out war.

And you thought I was writing about the here and now? That paragraph was about Nazi Germany.

Now, the progressives are after US. And they are following the same propaganda plan as the Fascists they worship – IMHO.

We need to put the protection back into the Constitution before our ObamaNation destroys even that.

Do you disagree, or agree? Comment and let me know.



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