A pearl by any other name is still a pearl.

OK, let us face it.

I am a hopeless romantic.

Two, I love women and their femininity. I had my first full blown crush in first grade when the girl behind me told me she thought I was cute. I was twitterpated, before Twitter.

There are many luxurious gem stones to give a lady.  Diamonds are over-rated for most uses, IMHO.

But, Pearls are always wonderful.

A white pearl necklace.

A white pearl necklace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mikimoto pearls are difficult to beat when it comes to pearls.  They do cost, but they are the best of the best.  Here is a page at Kay Jewelers, every kiss begins with Kay.

Even BBC writes about pearls.

What I like about pearls is that you can find pearls which accent a woman’s hair and eyes.  With jewels, the choice is sometimes more difficult.

I believe a pearl by any other name is still a pearl.  Do you?  Do you enjoy beautiful women wearing beautiful jewelry?



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