Protests Planned Against Nation’s Largest Charter Operator


The article was not what the headline led me to believe the article would be about.

It turns out that the Turkish government has cronies involved in corrupt and illegal operations around the world. The article implies a global operation which has backed religious corruption in Turkey and in the USA.

The article is about the Islamization of American schools through this corrupt operation.

It has little to do with actual charter schools and the good they do for America. Rather the article was about what the Islamic movement is doing within our school systems – illegally and unConstitutionally.

Had the title reflected what the article was about, I would have felt it was a great article. Instead, I felt cheated a little. It would be like me writing an article about how bad our public schools are, but writing about the corruption within the private-public Islamic schools throughout America. Yes, public schools have problems when they indorse Islamic education at tax payer expense. But, that problem is not the same as what is wrong with our public schools.


Do you agree with me? Or, disagree?


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This post was written by Sharon Higgins, a parent activist and indefatigable blogger in Oakland, California. Her blogs include “Charterschoolscandals,” wherein she tracks the amazing variety of graft, theft, corruption, scandals, and other predictable consequences of deregulation of public money with little or no oversight (I.e., privatization). She has written on many occasions about the proliferation of Gulen-inspired charters, which are now the largest chain in the nation.

Higgins writes:

This weekend, hundreds of people from all over the country, mostly Turkish Americans, are traveling to Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, to protest Fethullah Gulen at his remote compound in the Poconos. Among other activities, Gulen’s followers (a.k.a. the “Gulen Movement”) operate a global network of schools, including the largest charter school network.

Yesterday, an Associated Press report about the protest was picked up by news agencies across the US. A local paper published a more in-depth piece (“Protesters expected at Saylorsburg Islamic…

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