Lesbians advertise to children.


The progressive agenda and the gay agenda have never been about what is right for people, especially children.


And as you know, I believe the Bible supports my position, and I believe statistical data about the LGBT community supports my position.

Now, the community is advertising against children in Australia.

Why can’t they wait until the children are in college before they begin to capture their minds and their sexuality?

If the same add was done against abortion there would be outrage.

Outrage at a Christian like me for expressing a protected Christian point of view that has been believed for tens of thousands of years by most groups of humans. Most humans have always believed abortion was wrong. And until the progressive agenda

AKA eugenics movement

tried to eliminate the black population in America no one was for abortion.

But, the racist agenda of eugenics (abortion) continued on into the Fascist governments in Germany and Japan and the world lost millions of people as they were exterminated.

Having both data and God behind me, I would be attacked for making such an advertisement to oppose abortion.

I would be attacked for making such an add against gays or lesbians.

Yet, I have God, tens of thousands of years of human history, and psychological and social studies on my side, yet I cannot make the reverse claims made in this advertisement without being attacked.

This has blatantly crossed the line from propaganda into fascist programming of our children.

I am not sure the Western world can recover from the agenda of hate any more.

It is one thing to hate me for opposing your view point, and it is another to program our children (next generation) as well.



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