Why is Christianity so difficult for the modern world?

Have you noticed just how difficult it is for the ‘modern’ human to accept Christianity?

It used to be that people struggled with Jesus rising from the dead, or understanding the Trinity, or just deciding to actively follow Jesus.


People have difficulty even understanding a Religion like Christianity should exist.

But, radical Islam is supposed to be a Religion of peace?

But, ‘Christians should just keep what they have to say to themselves. You shouldn’t say anything outside of church.”

Why is it so difficult for the modern world to love on a Christian? Why does the world offend so many Christians? Why do so many people discriminate and persecute us because we believe?

The Romans were not much worse.

So, how is it that the ‘pagan’ Romans had a greater respect for Christianity than modern humanity does?

How is it that the England my ancestors had to flee was not as intolerant as modern feminism, progressives, and other activists?

Is it me, or has America reached a sad point in our history?



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