Why God belongs in Politics.

Friends, Romans, and especially my fellow Americans,

Caesar is buried.

But, should we hastily bury God?

There are three prevailing political views in the world today.

I won’t break the larger political currents down into their smaller subsets. I won’t separate Christianity from paganism, or Islam. As you know, I do believe there is only one god, and he is the big God.

But, there are those who believe God has no place at all in public or politics. There are those who believe God should dictate our politics. And there are those who believe somewhere in the middle.

And you will probably find some religious people and atheistic people in all three camps.

I believe God belongs in politics.

First reason? He is God.

But, that reason sounds weak to those who are not religious.

So, next, since God has been removed from public discourse in the USA, culture and economics have been hurting. The glory days of being an American seem to belong to a hundred years ago. Our culture is rapidly falling apart, and half of our children are without fathers.

And government, at least some of government, want to give even more control to raising kids to make up for taking fathers away from their children.

Ironic of the governmental types.

I could probably give many other reasons. And some would question the correlation between removing God from the USA and the collapse of society and the economy.

So, looking at the relationship between the two.

Before God was forcefully removed from the forefront of society, you did not have the blatant anger in our society that there is now.

You did not have atheists angry at Christians.

You did not have atheists removing Crosses from graveyards and memorials.

You did not have the ‘f’ word used in common conversation like it was normal. Or used like it could replace God in conversation.

The loss of spiritual comfort has to be directly tied to the increase in spiritual anger. In that quantity (spirituality) there has to be a balance. More God equals less spiritual anger, and more spiritual anger equals less God.

And I believe that balance between God and a lack of God is directly tied to the social problems as well as to the spiritual balance. Just like old oil in a car leads to the engine making bad sounds, having a bad spiritual balance leads to other problems in life.

Like fatherless children.

And I believe that the fatherless children also point to a bigger problem. Or, said in another way, fatherless children are a symptom of a bigger problem. And the fatherless children (at least in this case) are not the problem, but the symptom.

A fear of the ‘new normal.’ Instead of being comforted; instead of feeling safer; instead of gaining courage from the removal of God from America, the removal of God from America has brought a culture of fear. Everyone is afraid the stock market will crash.

FIVE YEARS after the stock market crashed because the progressives gave out loans to people who could not afford the loans, people are uncertain of the overall economy. Because they fear the motivation of the government, and they no longer have the spiritual support of God in their lives.

Even if you are an atheist, wouldn’t you agree, removing the comfort of God from most people causes greater fear in their lives?

Didn’t that great atheist tell us, “Religion is the opiate of the people?”

Hasn’t removing the great ‘opiate’ caused more people to need psychiatric care and medication?

Hasn’t replacing God with medications led to many (if not all) of the mass shootings in America? Asked differently, can you name two mass shooters in the last 20 years who were not on psychiatric drugs?

I dare you.

Do you see that there is at least a need for most people to have ‘God’ in their lives? And especially as a crutch in our economy and our politics?



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